>> August 23, 2009

If this blog was a zombie,
It would be UNDEAD!

On the same note, if anybody wants to start posting again on this blog, just ask me for the username and password. Alternatively, you can just ask me for an invite to be a contributor to the blog.

Also, if anyone would like to put their blog link up, please email me.

As you can see, we have a very friendly Grim Reaper Countdown Timer up there. Hope fully we can use this blog to spur each other on during our last days (heh!). & I'll be updating you all on any of the university/graduating stuff.

Haha. Cheers to currently the most 'live' IP blog!
Viva la 01!


Informal House Tee

>> February 14, 2008


sorry for the delay! for those who are still interested and reconsidering the option of buying! here's the design. it's in black and white though but basically the base colour of the shirt is ORANGE. and the designs, which i hope you can see, will be in WHITE... well the white blob below is the silhouette of a beaver and the words say nothing gets betterbeavier than us.

ok, i suppose nobody's going to see this anyway, but if you do and you want to order, just text me and BRING 10 DOLLARS TOMORROW. oh and those people who have already placed their orders, please bring 10 dollars tomorrow. Namely, Xiang Yin, Trudy, Chenchel, Teresa, Tabitha, Ling Zi, Xin Yi, Pamela, Sheena, Jillian, Jeremy, Anne, Ariel, Jie Rui.

oh and since i'm already here, BRING YOUR THERMOMETERS TOMORROW!


>> October 27, 2007

last day of school. and SOME of us cleaned. here's a last goodbye to TC31...


>> October 24, 2007

Class outing/lunch anybody?
Suggestions for venue, activity and date?


>> October 23, 2007

Hey! This is the design of our way cool IP2 tee. The shirt will be white-based with black and red words like above. Price ranges from $9-12 depending on the number of ppl who order it. So yes, please support, so we can lower the price. Sizes range from XS-XXL (similar to NJ PE shirt size).

If interested, please SMS andy by TONIGHT (23 Oct 2359PM). &Payment has to be in by THURSDAY (25 Oct) in EXACT change.



>> September 07, 2007


Team 1: Pamela, An, Mo Lan, Hui Juan, Jie Rui, Jeremy
Team 2: Sheena, Trudy, Jillian, Leo, Reuben, Andy
Team 3: Ariel, Chenchel, Xin Yi, Yi Xian, Benjamin
Team 4: Tabitha, Xiang Yin, Teresa, Ling Zi, Wen Loong, Noomayra

Remember it's 30% so knock yourself out!


chicken fertilization

>> August 14, 2007

it has been proven that chicken eggs are fertilized INTERNALLY.

according to this website: http://www.hhmi.org/cgi-bin/askascientist/highlight.pl?kw=&file=answers%2Fgeneral%2Fans_023.html

or go find more websites if you still don't believe.

if you STILL don't, then happy deluding.


About The Class

Consists of:
  1. Chen Hui Juan
  2. Chenchel Kaur Lonj
  3. Pamela Chua
  4. Sheena Hong
  5. Teresa Kng
  6. Sharon Lim
  7. Tabitha Ng
  8. Noomayra Mahbub
  9. Tan Xiang Yin
  10. Trudy Chua
  11. Jillian Yeo
  12. Benjamin Kwok
  13. Lee Wen Loong
  14. Jeremy Lim
  15. Leo Ong
  16. Reuben Lee
  17. Andy Wong
  18. Chen Ling Zi
  19. Chen Xin Yi
  20. Liu Jie Rui
  21. Mo Lan
  22. Sun Yi Xian
  23. Nguyen Nhi Thai An Anne
  24. Nguyen Tuyet Minh Trang Ariel

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